Time - Sales & Marketing

How many yellow sticky notes will you misplace, how many emails will you lose before you realize there must be a better way?

If you have an internet connection, you can have the Cool Life CRM Pro readily at your fingertips. With real-time reporting, data, and websites, you will have the free time necessary to cause increased revenue. Say goodbye to the grunt work forever with the most powerful website & CRM ever created. Just enter your prospect's email and contact data in your Cool Life CRM Pro toolset, then manage and keep up to the date with them all the way to a deal!

Professional Website

Cool Life CRM Pro will create and maintain a professional, mobile-friendly, fully responsive, and search-optimized website.

Your website can be viewed on any screen, any size, anytime. Our design is a Responsive Website. It has all the benefits expected of a full, professionally built, flushed out website without any of the risks that many developers take, of being unviewable because of complicated, outdated code. Once your website is up and running, the last thing you want to hear is that you need to call up your "web guy" and have them fix something. With responsive technology and content under your simple control, it is going to look just how you desire and expect, no matter what device your customers use.

The Cost of Doing Business

The thing about our toolset that makes us stand apart from our competitors is our ability to keep our technology completely up-to-date, without our customers paying the price.

Put quite simply, there is no other company willing to make you the commitment to maintain intuitive tools and software for America's small business owners, regardless of the constantly changing landscape of digital marketing and customer relations technology. We burden the cost of improvement of our service. Our commitment is to exceed your expectations continually.

Deliver Professional eMail Marketing

Businesses that embrace email marketing retain more customers and have a better chance of building a lifelong relationship, resulting in a higher revenue value. With Cool Life CRM Pro's robust email marketing suite, you can use one of our many professionally designed templates and deploy to some of or all your contacts with one click, and without ever leaving the toolset! 

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